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OUR mission

We strive to consistently create the most exquisite jewelry and watches. Our mission is to consistently create the most impeccable jewelry and watches with the highest quality standard while respecting each of our brand's confidentiality and unique character. To pursue this goal, we continually challenge our craftsmen, engineers and partners to look beyond their skills and find innovative ways to enhance existing means and methods. By staying constantly at the pinnacle of innovation, we aim to present our clients the best designs and manufactured products on the market.


Christian Tse Designs & Mfg., Inc. provides professional, knowledgable and precise private labeled manufacturing services under one ecosystem located in Monrovia, California. 

Christian Tse Designs & Mfg. Inc. utilizes CAD, CNC, in house metal molds designs & manufacture, virtuous enameling, in house lapidary, platinum, palladium, gold, silver casting, rare and exotic wood milling, micro-pave setting in precious metals and alternative metals, i.e, titanium, aluminum, bronze, quad-metals matrix & forged carbon fiber composites. 

Christian Tse unifies his knowledge of design & hands on manufacturing know-how with technology and old world craftsmanship. 


We invite and welcome you to visit Christian Tse!


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